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Specialty Oaks specimen trees have enhanced the function and design of landscaping projects throughout California since 1994. Industry professionals report outstanding transplanting success with our trees when they follow our planting and care guidelines.

We dig our trees fresh for delivery to each project. They are shipped to the job site in the original rootbag in which they were grown in the field. This ensures retention of the rootball during shipping, handling and transplanting. Each tree arrives on-site in healthy, robust planting condition.

We highly recommend that project landscaping personnel follow the planting and care procedures that we have developed through lengthy field experience. Please note that improper planting or maintenance of trees prior to, and after planting, could have an adverse effect on the health and vitality of the trees.

Trees Ready for Shipping

Planting and Care for 24-inch Rootball Specimen Trees
  • A planting hole should be dug at least 6 feet wide with a maximum depth of 12 inches for a 24-inch rootball tree.
  • Place the tree adjacent to the hole and remove the wire basket and plastic from the bottom of the rootball.
  • Roll or tip the rootball up, place slings or ropes under the rootball, then lift the tree gently into the hole.
  • Position the tagged side of the tree to face southern exposure. Remove ropes or slings.
  • Cut the side of the rootbag vertically. Then use hand clippers to prune any roots extending from the bag and peel the bag away.
  • Backfill the hole, water and tamp firmly. Grade a 6-inch berm around the perimeter of the hole. Fill with water, let it recede, and then refill two times.
  • Irrigate trees deeply as described above at two-week intervals.
  • Fertilize trees in May using a balanced soluble fertilizer (ie: 16-16-16). Follow rate instructions and apply with deep irrigation.
  • Don't prune off lower tree limbs. These lower limbs protect the trunk from sun scald and help nourish increased trunk caliper.
Specimen trees in 48- and 72-inch rootball sizes require heavy equipment for planting. Please contact us for recommended equipment and planting procedures for your specific job site.

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