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Tree Sizes for Every Design, Location and Project Budget

Our Oak Trees
Specialty Oaks offers a wide range of specimen oak trees in sizes suitable for every project and budget. Unlike container-grown, or dug-and-boxed trees, we size and price our specimens based upon trunk caliper, crownspread and height–not rootball or container size. This assures a dependable, standard size and quality across each price range of trees.

All Specialty oaks trees are grown in the field in root bags of three dimensions: 24-inch, 48-inch or 72-inch bags. Our 48- and 72-inch rootball trees are graded and priced individually according to conformation and design aesthetics, in addition to the dimensional measurements of the tree.

24-inch Rootball Trees
Caliper Crownspread Height
1 1/2" 3 feet 6 - 7 feet
2" 4 feet 7 - 9 feet
2 1/2" 5 feet 8 - 10 feet
3" 6 feet 10 - 12 feet

48-inch Rootball Trees
Caliper Crownspread Height
4" and larger 8 feet or larger 14 - 25 feet

72-inch Rootball Trees
Caliper Crownspread Height
9" and larger 14 feet or larger 25 feet plus

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